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A-Pex. We love Concrete

A-Pex Systems Ltd. has been providing industrial flooring awesomeness in Hong Kong for 20 years.

As an appointed contractor and distributor for world leader CureCrete Distribution Inc. create final finish polished concrete using Ashford Formula (AF) and RetroPlate (RP) System concrete densification and polishing systems for industrial, educational, retail and public facilities in Hong Kong and PRC.

We're also extremely efficient in the removal of PU, epoxy, acrylic and bitumen coatings. All our work is done dust free.

City University, Kowloon Tong
City University, Kowloon Tong

Polished Concrete:
We've Got It Covered

A-Pex Systems Ltd. is an appointed contractor for CureCrete Distribution Inc., providing polished concrete systems using Ashford Formula and RetroPlate System concrete polishing systems.

CureCrete is the world leader in concrete densification systems. Together, we convert regular concrete and concrete underlays into extremely hard, abrasion resistant concrete floors, smooth as glass with a gloss tapered to the client's request.

Rather than fail-prone organic coatings, densified polished concrete works with the concrete itself to achieve long term durable and beautiful floors that never need to be resurfaced.

Pictured is the Media Centre at the City University in Kowloon Tong.

This was the first time the environmentally friendly RetroPlate System has been employed in Hong Kong. 4 years after completion and the 7000m2 of polished concrete still looks like brand new. Not surprising when you consider that we can offer a life time warranty.

Interested in stats about how much RP and AF has done around the world and more about what to expect?

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Industrial Floor Preparation:
We're Prepared

We have a wide range of machines for industrial floor preparation, floor coating removal, substrate preparation:

  • Thermoplastic Line Paint Removal;
  • Epoxy, Bitumen, PU and Acrylic Removal;
  • Concrete, Marble, Granite and Asphalt Grooving;
  • Anti Skid Patterns on Concrete and Granite;
  • Floor Level Reduction. Up to 20mm efficiently;
  • Concrete Grinding;
  • Concrete Levelling and Flattening;

For coating removal, pre-coating substrate preparation, industrial, infrastructure and commercial floor and road preparation we provide a host of top range machines and equipment. Shot-blasting, planing, scabbling and grinding...

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We love concrete

Never Resurface your Floor Again!

For years we've removed epoxy, PU and polyurea coatings from floors of warehouses, factories and logistics terminals. We want to offer you a long term solution: Let us efficiently remove your floor coating, then grind and densify the concrete below! This fast and cost effective method has the lowest 10 year life cycle cost of any floor coating alternative, and with appropriate cleaning, we will guarantee your polished concrete floor... for life!

Avoid the cost and hassles of cyclical resurfacing. Call us for an in situ sample.